Well, they went and done it. The illumaniti, or the trilateral commission, or the warmongers, or maybe even the goddam jehovah witnesses. They went and wiped civilization off the face of the world like it was a squashed bug on a windshield.

And, who knows, maybe its a good thing. Maybe we’re better off without a hooters down the street and wifi and fox news and twinkies.

I guess we still got the twinkies.

It’s been about two decades since the bigg’un. Just long enough for all the freshly produced comforts of the 21st century to get all dusty and lackluster. Guns are still around, but most use black powder and whatever you can fit in the barrel that’ll make a hole in somebody trying to harm you and yours. Once in a while someone strikes it rich and finds one of those bunkers where the elite were planning on playing cards while the deadly snows fell and we all burned while we froze.

So here we are, all crusty and feeding ourselves old canned corn with extra fingers and toes. Tentacles even. Some of us gots the ability to move stuff with our minds. Some people are rebuilding, some are still suckin’ the marrow of the old world. All of us are just trying to survive.


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